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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Cilantro &/or Parsley Shrimp with Pasta

I made this Cilantro & Parsley Shrimp on Saturday for a quick lunch. Aside from the photography and measuring(which I am trying to get used to), this dish is usually pretty simple, quick to prepare and light--no heavy "full of preservative" white or red sauces from bottles or cans. Makes me happy.

I used fresh shrimp from the fish market but I recommend always keeping a bag of shrimp in your freezer for the day you are not all that motivated to spend hours creating a culinary masterpiece. [To defrost frozen shrimp, place in a bowl of ice water in the refrigerator.] The possibilities are endless with shrimps. Look out for more shrimp recipes!

You can use either cilantro and parsley or both. I used both here. I love using herbs (i.e fresh culinary herbs only) because of all the health benefits and with the olive oil and garlic, this is a pretty healthy combination--as long as you enjoy in moderation! No butter or wine in this dish, sorry! I served the shrimp with high fiber spaghetti, but it is just as delicious with Jasmin or Basmati rice or on a salad. Don't forget to add sliced avocado and tomatoes to that salad. Yummmmm.

Here's an old pic I had with regular pasta....

1.5-2 lbs. Raw Medium-Sized Shrimp, Shelled and De-veined
4-6 Tablespoons Olive Oil
3 Sprigs Each Fresh Cilantro and Parsley--enough to make about 4 tablespoons
4-5 Cloves of Garlic, use less or more
Salt and Pepper to taste.
1/2 Pound of your Favorite Pasta--Cooked [optional]

1. Shell, de-vein and wash if using fresh shrimp. If not, move on!
2. Finely chop parsley, cilantro and garlic using food processor.
3. Heat a heavy skillet over medium high heat and add olive oil. When oil is hot, but not too hot, add chopped ingredients. Stir until cooked and ingredients have been infused into oil.
4. Add shrimp and cook until the shrimp is opaque (generally only 2-3 minutes).
5. Add salt and pepper to taste.
5. Add favorite cooked pasta, toss and enjoy.

Note: *If you dislike or are allergic to shrimp, try it with chicken.
          *If you crave "comfort food", the Olive Oil can always be replaced with ORGANIC butter, but I didn't say that. Now go cook and make yourself happy......!

Clean and Rinse Shrimp

Assemble ingredients...if using more than 4 cloves of garlic...this is a good time to cancel all dates...

Add chopped ingredients to hot oil.....

Add shrimp (don't forget salt and fresh cracked pepper)...getting hungry yet?

Cook until shrimp turns pink...almost there, hold on..don't start picking at the shrimp yet...

Serve with pasta...or rice...or salad....wasn't difficult, right?


Shirlyn74 said...

This recipe looks great. I'm afraid to clean shrimp but will try it if I get fresh shrimp that's already cleaned. Looks great and thanks for step by step pictures. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

ah absolutely love it:)

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