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Monday, April 11, 2011

Super Sunday French Toast

I call it Super Sunday French Toast because if you decide to vegetate or procrastinate and accomplish nothing else for the rest of the day(except religiously check "friends" statuses or look at pics after pics of total strangers on FB), it is still going to be a Super Sunday after you eat these.......you really deserve this after a long tiring week.......really..

My Sunday morning started at 8 am with trips to the supermarket and fish market. I LOVE the serenity of being out very early in the morning or very late at night. I comb the supermarket aisles and scan every product and ingredient, looking for a new find; anything/something/real whole natural food without nasty preservatives, chemical additives or "natural flavors". Ria the supermarket explorer. That's me.

After my morning adventure, I came home and made everyone's favorite, French Toast! I am continuing a tradition my mother started when I was a little girl. I vividly remember helping her make this delicious treat on Sunday mornings and now my baby is helping me do the same. These are the moments she will remember. Where there is good food, there is love, laughter and great memories!

Update 04-13-11:---My mom used Evaporated milk in her recipe, however the popular brand name that we are all accustomed to using contains "carageenan" which is detrimental to my health, being MSG sensitive and all, and probably yours(more on this in coming posts). I did some research yesterday and found an organic brand of evaporated milk without this bad stuff!! I even called the manufacturer/distributor in California to confirm that there are no hidden preservatives. I will provide the name as soon as I find it at my local whole/organic food market and personally analyze the label. I am so excited about this discovery because it has opened a new world of possibilities/recipes for me to share with you--like home made coconut ice cream!!!!!

1 cup whole milk
4 large eggs
2 tablespoons brown sugar, maple syrup or honey (Optional)
Dash cinnamon
Salt to taste, about 1/2 teaspoon
6-8 1/2 inch day old bread--brioche, challah, whole grain--whatever makes you happy

[Reminder: use organic ingredients if available, read labels!]

1. In a shallow bowl add eggs, milk, maple syrup or honey, salt and cinnamon. Whisk until blended.
2. Dip slices of bread into the egg mixture and allow bread to soak up some of the mixture. Flip and repeat.
3. Melt butter over large skillet or griddle on medium high heat. Add slices of soaked bread and fry until brown on both sides and fully cooked(fluffs up), flipping bread when necessary.

Serve with butter, more maple syrup or honey or fresh fruit.

Assemble ingredients (no need to run around looking confused, this really saves time)

Slice bread

Get the kids involved.....add milk..

Add eggs...please crack the eggs yourself...please..

Add salt

Add sugar, syrup or honey........no licking of spoon..

Add cinnamon...[and ask daughter to stop smelling it...she was so intrigued by the aroma...a mini me in the making I think..]

whisk mixture and add bread..

Now we are cooking....keep in mind that when sugar, honey or syrup is added to the mixture, the french toast tends to brown quicker, just lower heat and be patient until it is thoroughly cooked. If toast is golden brown but still not cooked, which can happen, it can be finished in the oven.

Voila!!!!!! Enjoy....

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