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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Goodbye....a year in review...and a "healthy" note...

Saying goodbye isn’t easy. I would like to hold on to 2011 with my dear life for in January a birthday patiently awaits, and I’ll be another year closer to 40 [biting eight fingers]. It’s baffling. I am still celebrating being 17. 

This year I challenged my abilities and created this blog which saved me in many ways. While it continues to be just a weekend hobby, I am passionate about it. I have finally found a creative outlet for all my interests combined. My photography is slowly improving--I'm challenging myself to make my recipes look appetizing to you, words no longer fail me(5 out of 7 days), I’m reading even more,  my “writing” is a work in progress, …..and finally writing down my recipes. I am “evolving” in all these aspects, but at the same time, I’m discovering “me”.

Despite all the challenges I faced this year, including my sensitivity to preservatives in food combined with my lack of self control for all things delicious(a deadly combination), I am eating healthier than I have in many years. When I eat food with preservatives, consciously or unconsciously, I suffer tremendously and am literally forced to make healthier choices.

My kids are the reason I trudge on…. Aside from loving, protecting, educating and nurturing their minds with the lessons I have learned in life, my main goal is to nourish their bodies with wholesome and healthy foods. They are another reason I'm always searching for the best recipes and ingredients. Life is difficult as it is and I want to give them a great head start. This is the best way I know how. 

On my daily commute on the train, it pains me to see parents giving their children soda, artificial juices and packaged “goodies” for breakfast. In the supermarket, I see carts laden with processed foods vs. fresh & healthy. Sometimes I feel inclined to say something and sometimes I do, but for the most part, I value my life. I have learned that people are set in their ways until dis-ease strikes. Even then, they take pills to cover up the symptoms instead of treating the disease from the source. 

I know from experience that my almost 8-year-old “goes psycho” when she consumes processed foods(like mother like daughter). This gives me an added incentive to supervise and alter their bad eating habits. Recently, my older daughter mentioned that one of her friend’s mom tried my roasted chicken recipe and claimed it was the healthiest meal they ever cooked. That made my year and moved me to tears.  

As Mahatma Ghandi said, “be the change you want to see in the world", but I have learned over the years that it is also very important to be the change you want to see in your kids.....

Technology and time have given us many great creations and inventions to enhance our life/make it easier, but shouldn’t we draw a line especially when it comes to our health and well being? I recently saw an episode of 60 minutes where “natural flavors” for every type of food/flavor are being created using chemicals in a lab. These “natural flavors” are sold to companies to use in their products in place of the real ingredients—in products that you and I consume everyday.

We should be aware of what we are eating, read labels—know the ingredients like “natural flavors” (and the other hidden names of MSG) and the consequences of consuming those ingredients. Is eating something “chemically enhanced” delicious more important than our health, our quality of life in the future?  I urge you to be an educated consumer…not only when you are shopping for electronics and clothing…but also food.

I don’t blog for fortune or fame, but if I can inspire one person to change their eating habits or get into the kitchen and cook a healthy meal with wholesome ingredients, instead of buying take-out or microwaving packaged foods, I have accomplished my goal.

I am going into 2012 armed with hope, courage, enthusiasm and the usual resolutions….eat healthy, spend less, move more, eat slower, misplace fewer things, be less discombobulated(suggested by my husband), work each day at being a better human being...try to leave this world a better place than I found it….and know that even if I falter, each new day gives me another opportunity to start over again. 

Fortunately, this is not goodbye for us, because you will be seeing much more of me, my recipes and photos in the New Year.  I wish you and yours a holiday season filled with lots of love, laughter…and great food….and hope you have a stupendously happy 2012..….!

With love and Best Wishes,
From my family to yours,



Anonymous said...

Great job with this website. I could not agree more with you with regard to becoming older and wiser. As I become a more seasoned adult I realize that our impact on the maturation of our children increases ergo our decisions need to be all the more carefully thought out. No matter what people may say, I am firm believer that we are the primary role models for our children. As you state, your children dictate the decisions you make with regard to food intake and I believe that it transposes to facets of our lives. As we approach the new year we again reflect on the experiences and learn from them as we embark on a new chapter of our lives whilst observing our children becoming more responsible with their own lives. Keep up the good work and just do what you love as life is so very short.

Cooking with Ria said...

Thanks for the wonderful note, Greg...! All the best to you and your wonderful family..:-)

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