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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Recipe Testing: Bon Appetit Roast Chicken

Ever so not-so-often, when I am fortunate to have both the luxury of time and patience, I enjoy the challenge of trying a new recipe. These are my notes on my attempt……In other words..the following is moi interviewing moi.

Which recipe did you attempt?
Roast Chicken, Bon Appetit, March 2012

Why did you choose this recipe?
Only three ingredients!??...I was skeptical that it would be delicious..only salt and butter? PALEESE!

Recipe and Instructions?
•1 tablespoon kosher salt
•1 whole 4-pound chicken, giblets reserved for another use
•1/4 cup (1/2 stick) unsalted butter, melted


•Rub or pat salt onto breast, legs, and thighs of chicken. Place chicken in a large resealable plastic bag. Set open bag in a large bowl, keeping chicken breast side up. Chill for at least 8 hours and up to 2 days.

•Arrange a rack in upper third of oven; preheat to 500°. Set a wire rack in a large heavy roasting pan. Remove chicken from bag. Pat dry with paper towels (do not rinse). Place chicken, breast side up, on prepared rack. Loosely tie legs together with kitchen twine and tuck wing tips under. Brush chicken all over with some of the butter. Pour 1 cup water into pan.

[I do recall tucking the wings under....I really did...

Notice the other pieces of chicken...that's call thinking ahead...I knew it would be a while before I could eat the whole chicken so I included a few "extra" pieces in anticipation of hunger emergencies...that's how I roll...and that's probably the same reason why I have happy "rolls"...]

•Roast chicken, brushing with butter after 15 minutes, until skin is light golden brown and taut, about 30 minutes. Reduce oven temperature to 350°. Remove chicken from oven and brush with more butter. Let rest for 15–20 minutes.

[Halfway done..]

•Return chicken to oven; roast, basting with butter every 10 minutes, until skin is golden brown and a thermometer inserted into the thickest part of the thigh registers 165°, 40–45 minutes. Let rest for 20 minutes. Carve and serve with pan juices.

[I know you want a piece! Don't ask me why the other chicken is missing from this pic...I didn't eat it, I swear...(laughing) ]

Were the ingredients easy to find?
With only butter (and salt) it should have been, but my refrigerator was…you know….(I never said I was a good home maker)

What was the result?
It was juicy
Really juicy
‘Twas the juiciest juicy goodness to gracious chicken I ever devoured(in a very short period of time).
Also delicious..
p.s. Can I have a piece now?

Did you follow the instructions exactly?
Unfortunately, I don’t have that ability…..
I used two Cornish hens instead of a 4 pound chicken…
I added a few sprigs of leftover oregano and a few cloves of garlic to the cavity of each chicken.
I confess, I must have missed a basting or two...or three...
I also ate the neck and giblets before the entire shebang was completed. I was tempted and hungry.
I used Himalayan crystal salt instead of kosher salt….the kosher salt was all the way on the top shelf of the cupboard…and I didn’t feel like using a ladder…and then climbing…yes, I am vertically challenged also.

Would you make this recipe again?
Yes, but I shall appoint myself executive chef and supervisor…..and nominate my hubbie as the designated-official chicken baster-rer…
I will not rest until I get skin cripsy (not crispy) !!!

Did you encounter any issues?
Yes, all my own fault. I used a sheet pan and a wire rack and I had “splatterage” everywhere. Note--Sheet is "sheet" and not intended to be anything else here…and yes I know splatterage is not a word….I did not have a roasting pan…ok..maybe I do, but locating it could be a task in itself….ps.anyone wants to come help me clean my oven?

Any recommendations?
Say the serenity prayer before starting..
Don’t skip the instructions to leave in refrigerator in a sealable bag for a day or two…
Don’t use Cornish hens like I did. That’s probably one of the reasons it wasn’t "cripsy".
Do make the time to try this….

How did you serve it?
It’s probably best served the same day, however, I made it on Sunday, for dinner on Monday and served with snap peas sautéed in olive oil and garlic…and mashed potatoes….

The following day, I used leftover chicken to make a chicken salad sandwich for the kids for lunch. To the shredded chicken I added Veganese mayo, chopped celery, red pepper, little mustard and salt and pepper. Served it on bread with lettuce and thinly sliced tomato. I didn’t use onion or garlic since I have learned that it is imperative that the lunch smells as appetizing as it looks—at school.

What did you learn from this experience?
I could benefit with a little more patience....(the chicken could have benefited too..)
Less is sometimes more...delicious…and juicy…
Practice makes perfect…
Follow instructions, they are there for a reason…..
Read a recipe several times before you try it. Make sure you have the time, all the ingredients and equipment before starting.
I love roasted chicken...even more….
Butter does make it better..
I need to find a hobby that is less challenging…

Give this recipe a try!
With Love,

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