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Monday, May 20, 2013

2013 Vacation Pics.. ...

I've been recovering from a serious case of the flu/cold. None of my "all natural" magic potions worked immediately(like I would have liked). Oil of oregano, ginger and thyme tea, honey and lemon, apple cider vinegar, home-made soup, fish broth. You name it, I tried it. My body forced me into bed-rest for three whole days...and twelve days later I am finally getting back to the energetic old me(not referring to age). 

I am working on a post and stumbled upon our vacation pics. I know I never shared any pics of our vacation in Atlantis, Paradise Island last August--as I promised--and the guilt still bothers me. Before it slips my mind again, here are just a few (out of 2,000) of my favorite shots from our most recent cruise (and island tours) from Miami to Cozumel, Belize, Honduras and Grand Cayman Islands. 

I was mesmerized by all the color in Cozumel...and more than a little freaked out by the head to the left--even though he was made using a dried coconut....

Had the local shrimp taco with all the fixings.

I enjoyed chatting with locals who were searching for collectibles on the beach..Rocks and bottle corks covered in some sort of coral. See the middle picture...
p.s. I have lost 5 pounds since the pic below...just saying...I was eating 10 times a day at the time this pic was taken. 

Pics taken on the grounds of a local restaurant. 

There is a doggie in the window. Literally. 
We ate chips and spicy salsa at a local restaurant. 
The kids ate chicken tacos. I had ceviche (not shown).
We also visited a tequila factory. 

 Beautiful local beach in Cozumel, Mexico.
Top Right--how the locals get around...I have no more words to share on this. 

 Church in Belize. 
Nuts is one of the most popular local snacks.
Local Market.

Belize--Kids at play.

Local dishes: 
Top Left: My choice. Shrimp and fish ceviche. I requested that they add no spices (sazon) and use fresh tomatoes instead of the canned ones they usually add. 
Middle Pic: The most popular local food is stewed chicked, rice and beans and plantain. 
Top right: Fried Fish, rice and beans and potato salad. 
Bottom right: I invited two local boys (Ernest and his cousin) to have lunch with us because they said they were very hungry. There is a lot of poverty on the island. 

These two are my absolute favorites...
....and reminders that we should never take our blessings for granted.

The colors of poverty.

Girls getting their hair braided. $2 US per braid. The father almost fainted...and probably wanted to braid it himself.  We always spend a small fortune on the islands...because of these two munsters...
ok...ok..my spending habits don't help either....I like to think that we are helping the local economy. Fortunately, my Hubbie exists to make us happy. 

Some of the weird and not so weird food I had on the ship. Clams, Frog legs(top right), 
snails, alligator fritters etc.
I shall never have frog legs again. Never. It tasted like chewy chicken. My hubbie asked why I wasn't chewing the bones like I usually do with chicken. I immediately lost my appetite. 

Also visited "Hell" in the Cayman Islands..

Grand Cayman Islands..I am seriously considering retiring on this island. Soon.
Tropical the island Breeze,
All of nature wild and free.
This is where I long to be.
La Isla bonita.

I want to be where the sun warms the sky, when it's time for siesta you can watch them go by. 
Beautiful faces, no cares in this world. Where a girl loves a boy and a boy loves a girl. Just saying...(Lyrics by Madonna--La Isla Bonita)

Saying goodbye is never easy.......

Talk to you soon..

With love,
---The Trini who loves to cook, eat, travel....relax..

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