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About Me

If you love Trini food, visited Trinidad and fell in love with the cuisine, you found yourself married to a Trini, you want to be married to a Trini, your Trini friend cooked you an unforgettable meal, you are a Trini and your parents never taught you how to cook, you never wanted to learn to cook when you were younger, you were surrounded by people who couldn't teach you to cook because they only know the "average" method, you lost your handed down recipes, you have two left hands, you have a bad-bad reputation with it comes to cooking, you love tasty food and you are tired of recipes on the web that didn't quite turn out like your mother's or grandmother's cooking, then this blog is for you!!!!!!

My name is Ria and I am a Trinidadian living in New York.  A busy working mom who loves to cook for my family(most days). I also love making people happy and the best way I know how is with FOOD(my jokes suck--according to my husband!)

This blog is my hobby and my passion and a blank canvas to express my creativity(that voice that speaks to me in my head). I live, breathe, sleep and dream food and recipes. Every spare moment is dedicated to this passion-only a few hours per week (so I can't promise to post often).

I created this blog to motivate myself to cook a wide variety of dishes for my family, in an attempt to not cook stewed chicken or curried chicken every week, to help me with meal ideas on days I can't decide what to cook(happens everyday), preserve my recipes for my kids, share my favorite recipes with you and, at the same time, combine my LOVE of food with my LOVE of photography.

Many recipes on this blog are 30 plus years in the making, some passed down from the older generation--aunties, uncles, grandmas and grandpas too. All recipes are tested and retested many times for accuracy and authenticity.

On my blog I will share stories about my life, my journey and struggles with food (and eating right) and my favorite recipes. Many of the recipes are authentic Trinidadian and Caribbean dishes, and some from other cultures and continents.

My dishes are mostly simple, chemical, preservative and additive free----and always delectable.

Being MSG sensitive, it is always my goal to minimize the use of processed, packaged ingredients full of preservatives, additives and flavor enhancers/MSG. [MSG is found in almost every bottled, bagged, frozen, or canned processed food on super market shelves hidden under many names such as autolyzed yeast, hydrolyzed protein, natural flavors, and whey protein].

My food sensitivities (which I've had for 2 decades) have forced me to eat more home-cooked meals and as a result I have discovered a whole new world of cooking; using fresh wholesome ingredients including fresh herbs and spices to replace the seasoning salts,  flavors enhancers and highly processed foods that made me chronically ill. You will never know or taste the difference. 

I hope my blog inspires you to get into the kitchen and cook with LOVE...Love for yourself and your family. I also hope that it inspires you to prepare and consume meals that nourish your body, soul, mind and at the same time create everlasting memories. We are not perfect but we can try our best.

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Let's Live Passionately, Love Freely, Laugh Abundantly and EAT Mindful-ly,

If you have any questions, comments or would like to share your favorite recipes with me, please email me at RiaB@cookingwithria.com.

I look forward to hearing from you!

With Love,

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Trinidad Express, Nov 2016

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